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Yes, even at a young age we are striving to help prepare God's children for tomorrow's challenges. At a basic level, we work on sharing, manners, loving, responsibility, gentleness, patience, and similar character traits.


Stations, coloring, singing, playground activities, and book reading are a few of the activities you can find daycare children participating in. Our daycare team members love on the children in their care and work hard to maintain a high quality, safe, and faith-focused environment.


Our Toddler Class is composed of our students who aren't yet potty-trained. This class incorporates play time, as well as the Peewee curriculum, to prepare children for a classroom setting.

Our PeeWee Class is composed of two- and three-year-old children and meet daily to learn about numbers, letters, shapes, & colors. 

Children aged three and four meet daily in our Middler Class to learn about letter recognition and sounds, shapes, colors, and numbers.

In Pre-Kindergarten Classes, four- and five-year-old children learn shapes, colors, letter recognition & sounds, letter blends, writing A through Z & 1 through 20, recognition of numbers 1 through 100, and reading one- and two-vowel words.


Our Aftercare Daycare is an extension of our day here at TCCS. We offer a safe environment for all K-4 students. Our Afterschool Daycare is open until 5:30 p.m. 

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