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Our History

Tri-County Christian School began in 1994 when a group of parents desired a faith-based educational opportunity for members of the community. We offer private, Christian education to students in grades Kindergarten through 8th using A Beka & BJU Press curriculum. We also offer preschool classes and nursery care for the younger children in our community. We started small and have been blessed with growing enrollment since.

Since our beginning, Tri-County has been striving to provide the best education in our area. This happens through our curriculum and our teaching, which keeps your child focused on God. Through the years, Tri-County has helped children be the best version of themselves. Whether your child wants to be a doctor, farmer, lawyer, mechanic, or somewhere in between, Tri-County continues to work alongside your family to equip your child with the tools, behaviors, and knowledge to make their dreams possible.

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